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Housecleaning in Ubuntu

April 16, 2010

I’ve found over the months since 9.10 came out that the kernel has been updated several times.  This results in old kernels taking up disk space, as well as more entries in the GRUB menu.  I’ve finally found out how to clean up the older kernels, and make a shorter GRUB menu.

You have to find the current kernel number, and save it and the previous one, for safety’s sake.

First, open a terminal.  Enter uname -r to get the kernel release.

First, open a terminal.  Enter uname -r to get the kernel release.
List all kernel images with sudo ls /boot/vmlinuz* | cut -d’-‘ -f2,3
Start synaptic and find the previous kernel images, and mark them for uninstall
To finish the job:
dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep [release number] | awk -F’ ‘ ‘{ print $2; }’
The final step is:
sudo aptitude remove linux-image-[release number], repeat for each release

You must take care to not remove the current release or you will leave linux unbootable.

I ran sudo update-grub afterward to rebuild the GRUB menu, although I’m not sure if it was really necessary.

Just remember, your mileage may vary, and I do not stand behind any of the above.  It worked for me, it may work for you.


Back to Ubuntu again

March 26, 2010

I have found that Ubuntu is very slow on my PC.  I can’t really afford a new PC right now, so I’ve been playing with Puppy and looking out for new distros of interest.

One called TEENpup is based on Puppy Linux, and is supposed to be a general purpose distribution, suitable for older machines, like mine.

I’ve also started learning MinGW, Minimalist GNU for Windows, an alternative to Cygwin.  I picked up on it as I was having trouble trying to get SDL working with Cygwin.  SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is a multi-platform multimedia library.

Here is a link to an article on Lucid Lynx, the new Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) release, due in April.  The first beta release came out a few days ago.

Back to Ubuntu

May 15, 2009

I decided to try out Ubuntu again, at least.  After reading up on system requirements, I settled on Xubuntu alternate install.  My machine is seriously underpowered, but the install went quite smoothly.  You don’t get the graphic installation, but you don’t really need it.  You do get XFCE and a default wallpaper that is not totally ugly – it’s a bit dark on my monitor, but the blue isn’t bad.  That default orange-brown wallpaper can make your eyes bleed.

I still have to configure my xorg and add the printer, copy the Firefox settings, and install some useful software.  I can work on that, either this Saturday night or Sunday.

Other Desktops

September 11, 2008

Another neat thing about Linux is the choice of desktops, or window managers.  I tried out KDE with Knoppix, Gnome with Ubuntu, Fluxbox and JWM with Damn Small Linux, and I just installed XFCE in Ubuntu.  It’s another minimal desktop, appropriate for machines with less memory.  You can change the background, although I still have to find out if I can change mouse behavior from double to single-click.

I used apt-cache search xfce | less to find the package name, and then apt-get install xfce4.

Then when you reboot, you can click on options on your login screen, and choose a different desktop, either one-time, or as a default.

Puppy and Damn Small, two small distros, have JWM as the desktop, Knoppix has KDE, Debian and Ubuntu have GNOME.

I may install Fluxbox or JWM, to test memory usage and performance.  I am a bit of distro junkie.