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Linux Working Again

July 6, 2009

I’ve gotten Sabayon Linux working on my PC, with Windows as the first partition.  Sabayon is based on Gentoo, so I have a learning curve, regarding package updating.  Sabayon and Gentoo use portage, a combination of Python and Bash scripts, which downloads packages and compiles source.  The upside is that packages are optimized for your machine, the downside that installs can take a long time, especially for large packages, like Open Office.

Again I used Puppy Linux to edit my xorg.conf.  Puppy is definitely a must for anyone wanting a live Linux CD, and the capability to work on Linux partitions, or copy files from unresponsive Windows partitions.

I will be posting more as I learn the workings of the Gentoo package manager, and gain an idea of how long installs take.