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A programmer analyst with over 20 years’ experience in the pension administration field.  Demonstrated strengths in creating and implementing business solutions to meet customer’s needs.  Also known for programming accuracy, strong research skills and the ability to meet deadlines.  An effective communicator, able to listen, interview and understand client needs.  Brings a curious mind and commitment to continuous learning.


I have taught myself Unix, C, Unix utilities, and SQL, as well as some Windows programming.  I am currently picking up some Python/Tkinter by myself, as well as trying some Win32 api programming (not using MFC).

  • Strong experience in AIX shell scripting, using Korn shell, awk, and text processing utilities
  • Experience in Progress database access/updating
  • SQL scripts
  • Experience in C under AIX and Windows, using the Gnu Compiler
  • Strong Excel skills


Mercer Human Resource Consulting                                                       1998-2006


  • Wrote programs to extract and upload data in the conversion of pension plans from the Sedgwick Pension system (SNL) to WinPas (Mercer’s in-house pension system).
  • Created client directories and set up plan formulae for the pension plans under WinPas system.
  • Installed the WinPas pension system on end-users’ PCs for administrators and updated documentation.
  • Developed a generic report system for the SNL Pension system; created a template report, using plug-ins to generate report programs. This reduced possibilities of errors and streamlined whole process, reducing number of lines of code necessary.
  • Developed skills in AIX shell programming, specifically Korn shell and awk, processing output from Progress scripts written.
  • Made formulae changes to the SNL Pension system and WinPas, learning some basics in defined benefit pension plan administration, Flat Benefit, Career Average and Final Average plans resulting in better communications with administrators.
  • Wrote statement and valuation extracts for the SNL system and WinPas to produce annual pension and/or benefit statements.
  • Documented SNL reports and procedures for future training purposes.
  • Wrote scripts to extract data from Sedgwick and uploaded information into WinPas. Created generic systems to be more efficient in order to meet the tight deadlines.
  • Set custom fields for clients and formulae for the pension plans under WinPas system. Ran preliminary tests to ensure all were operational.

Sedgwick Noble Lowndes 1987-1998


  • Worked in a team of three programmers developing a Pension Administration System in C with embedded SQL, accessing a Progress database.
  • Designed audit trail maintenance modules, security modules, panels for accessing/modifying clients/plans/plan members. This provided clarity in the history of the client and its members.
  • Maintained programmer changes to development system, and exported software and database changes to the live system.
  • Converted client data from the System/34 pension systems to the Sedgwick system. This was achieved by writing an awk program that would read a RPG data specification (a subset of an RPG program) and generate an awk program to create delimited files which could be loaded into a Progress database.
  • Coached and mentored new programmers with C, SQL, AIX, and the Pension system.

McClure & Dakin 1977-1987


  • Programmed using Fortran IV and RPG II on the IBM System/34 for pension plan administration and producing pension and benefit statements.
  • Designed DFU (Data File Utility) tables on the System/34 for client member data.
  • Programmed in Cobol on a 360 mainframe.


  • One week course, Introduction to Pension Administration, Borland Delphi
  • One week course, Oracle
  • One week course, Unix System Administration
  • Courses in RPG and System/34 system with IBM
  • Ryerson University, many courses in the Computer Science Certificate program


Active Member of the Greater Toronto Area Linux User Group (GTALUG)

Participant in the online KNOPPIX forum, sharing information on Linux


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