About me

My name is Neil D. Brown, and I have been a programmer for 20+ years, working initially on a time-sharing mainframe in Cobol and Fortran, then on the old IBM System/34 in Fortran IV and RPG II, and finally on an AIX machine in C with embedded SQL calls, and shell scripts, mostly in Korn shell.  I have also worked in Cygwin, a Linux emulation layer for Windows, and a few Linux distros.  I used Knoppix at home, then tried out Debian, Ubuntu, and finally settled on MEPIS (to date).

I live in Toronto, Canada, and am married with two children.  In addition to programming/Linux/FOSS, I am interested in SF and old movies, from silents to Hollywood film noir, as well as some German silents, and Japanese films (esp. Kurosawa).


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