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Back in the Saddle, again

October 7, 2010

After too long an absence (looking for work – a very down time), and working again (long hours, odd shifts, etc.), I’ve downloaded the latest Puppy Linux, 5.1.1, as well as Legacy OS (formerly TEENPup) and Tiny Core Linux).  I got around to burning and playing with the latest Puppy (lupu-511.iso), and it is SWEET!  – auto-detection (I didn’t have to choose keyboard layout or timezone), the ability to choose your browser (you download it, then set it as your default, if you wish).  Puppy also detected my SiS graphics card, and recommended an Xorg driver to download.

The default resolution is way too fine for my old eyes; 1920×1440, so I chose 1024×768.

I’ve had a problem trying to save my config, but I believe I double-clicked the Save button.

You have your choice of browsers, including Firefox 3.6 and Opera, as well as Open Office, and other programs I haven’t looked at yet.

I still have to play with Legacy and Tiny Core.

I’m also getting a new PC (second-hand actually), with 1 or 2 G, and Windows XP, so I can play with Ubuntu, and hopefully have it not crawling.

More should be posted after the weekend.