Good Puppy!

I have played with Puppy Linux a bit in the past; it’s another live distro, with the option of saving your settings, to a flash drive, or hard drive, or the CD.  The other day I picked up a few 2G SanDisk Cruzer sticks, and today I tried saving my Puppy settings to one.

When you reboot your computer from Puppy, you have the option of saving to the CD, saving elsewhere, or not saving.  If you choose the second option, you are presented with a list of locations to save to.  Hint – do NOT save to a NTFS partition, as this could seriously mess it up.  You can give your saved config a unique name.  In my case, I supplied my name, Neil, and a file pupsave-neil.2fs was created.  You select a size for your file – I chose 512M.  You also have the option of saving pup-431.sfs.  You are then given one last chance to review your options before proceeding, or going back to square one.  As my USB port is 1.1, it took about 10 minutes to write.

You can store a number of configurations on your flash drive, hence the option of unique names.

On subsequent boots,  stick the flash drive in first, then boot Puppy, and it will automatically find the saved configuration.

This means that you can save bookmarks (which I imported from bookmarks.html, which I exported from Firefox on Windows), as well as resolution, desktop, etc.  You can also install more software up to the limit of your USB jump drive.

I will definitely be playing with this for the next while.



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