Tweaking the Kernel

I spent yesterday trying, unsuccessfully, to modify the kernel, removing modules that I don’t need.  In this case, the modules are the Cram, Reiser, and Squash filesystems.

The following command lists the modules in the kernel:


To get the filesystem modules,

lsmod | egrep “fs.ko$” | less

To remove a module, either the rmmod or modprobe commands can be used.  Modprobe is preferred.  This intelligently adds or removes modules.

The command I used was:

sudo modprobe -v -n -r cramfs reiserfs squashfs

-v –verbose
-n –dry-run
-r –remove

The verbose option should tell me what’s happening, error or not, but the above command executed with no error, or feedback of any kind.

modprobe expects an up-to-date modules.dep file, as generated by depmod.  I looked for and found modules.dep, so I am still stumped on this one.


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