Further Thoughts on Ubuntu

After some time, I have made some progress with Ubuntu.  I’ve now made it my default boot on grub, although I may change that.  I’ve installed Thunderbird (through Synaptic), and Rainlendar free version ( the .deb file).

To install Rainlendar, I typed the following in a terminal session:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

This gave an error of two missing dependencies.  The following command

sudo -D40 -i *.deb

listed the following missing dependencies: patch and tofrodos

I used Synaptic to install missing or broken dependencies.  This required uninstalling Rainlendar, so I ran dpkg after.

I’ve found a couple of problems I will have to tackle, to be happy with Ubuntu.  First, I haven’t found a means of adding programs to be started automatically, i.e. Thunderbird and Rainlendar.  This might be due to my using LXDE instead of Gnome.

The second issue may be more annoying.  I’ve found that changes to the desktop may not be saved after rebooting.  I muted the sound and now when I boot up, I have to unmute each time.  I’m certain this is not supposed to happen.

I will also have to start backing up my Linux partition, especially Firefox, Thunderbird, and Rainlendar profiles.  The backup I must tackle this afternoon, for my weekly backups.


One Response to “Further Thoughts on Ubuntu”

  1. robinzrants Says:

    LXDE is known to have issues with Ubuntu. The LXDE project seems to be making progress, but my little love affair with LXDE on any version of Ubuntu or its derivatives has been buggy and frustrating. I do love the PCManFM file manager though.

    I’ve learned that LXDE takes the majority of its code from Xfce! So I – and perhaps this is noobish of me – tend to suppose that when LXDE matures, it’ll be little different from Xfce!

    I hadn’t even tried Xfce until LXDE ticked me off for the last time… so I ordered a Xubuntu CD. The latest version of Xubuntu (9.10, Karmic Koala) is speedy, simple, intuitive, and gorgeous.

    Xubuntu does not ship with the troublesome PulseAudio nor the controversial Mono that come with Ubuntu. My experience with it on a low-spec 5-year-old Dell Dimension has been trouble-free and delightful. It even runs faster on the old computer than bare-bones Crunchbang Linux does on a newer laptop (I dunno why)!

    None of the sound issues nor shut-down issues I had with my LXDE/’buntu mixtures. At least until LXDE matures, Xubuntu fits the bill for me.


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