Back in the Harness

After a too-long hiatus (I’ve been a bad boy, I know),  mostly trying some distros without success, I downloaded Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala, alt cd image.

I just installed it, in about an hour.  I’ll still have to modify my xorg, add my printer, modify grub preferences, and install some packages.

I had previously tried installing Mepis, which went ok, but then I couldn’t run it.  I also had problems with Debian.

I’m still quite happy with Puppy Linux.

Now I can hack around with 9.10 and explore.  A couple of things I can’t find are xorg.conf, which I can create with the debconf command, and menu.lst.  The first file controls monitor settings, including resolution, and the second grub settings, including which OS is the default.

Now that I have a working linux, I should be more conscientious about updating my page.


One Response to “Back in the Harness”

  1. robinzrants Says:

    Y’know, I think alot of this depends on what hardware it’s installed on. I tried PCLinuxOS from the Live CD and it totally rawked! But once installed, I had all kindsa hardware issues.

    Xubuntu works great, but it updates a dozen times a day (I guess that’s because it’s a new release) and it has crashed a couple of times in the middle of a job. I never had a Linux crash before.

    In need of a rock-stable distro that will “just work” on my ‘puter, I’ve ordered the latest version of Mepis (based on Debian Stable). I’ll write a review once I’ve given it a good test drive.

    But y’know what I wish? I wish there was a way to categorize reviews of Linux distros _based on the hardware used to test them_. I try to look for reviews written by someone who tested a distro _on a computer just like mine_. That would save alot of hassle I imagine.

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