Firefox 3.5

I downloaded and installed Firefox 3.5 earlier today, and it’s running quite nicely.  It seems to be noticeably faster than the previous release.  Also, I am finally able to export bookmarks in a html format, and I was able to delete one bookmark, which somehow was unreadable and which I couldn’t delete.

At the moment, I have been having a hell of a time trying to install Linux on my PC.  Debian and Ubuntu have crashed partway through installing software, or been unable to install GRUB, which is even worse.

I want to keep my Windows partition, as I have one machine of half-decent speed/memory/space.  I have been able to install only one Linux distro, an old copy of Sabayon Linux.  Unfortunately, it can’t display the login or desktop.  I have to see if I can’t edit the xorg.conf, and menu.lst so that Windows will boot by default, until I get Linux running.

I have to see if there is something wrong with my partition.  I’ve been looking at testdisk within knoppix.  I’m hoping there’s nothing physically wrong with my PC.  If this is another learning opportunity, it’s taking a while for the lesson to sink in!


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