Digging in Deeper

Working from the command line, as root, you can dig deeper into your system.

The commands lspci and lsusb prints detailed info for your PCI and USB buses and devices, respectively.

hwinfo and lshw prints detailed info on your hardware (lshw prints a subset of hwinfo).

The proc filesystem contains a load of information on your processes, and needn’t be accessed as root.  This is actually a pseudo-filesystem, mounted on /proc.  It’s generated on the fly, containing a sub-directory for each process, containing files which are listed as 0 bytes in length, but actually contain stuff.

To find out about your current process, type ls -l /proc/self, or cat the individual files withing that sub-directory.

To find out about your current shell, type ls -l /proc/$$, where $$ means the parent PID (process id).

For anyone who’s interested, cygwin (the Linux-like environment for windows) has /proc, although not the commands listed above.


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