Debian Desktop

I finally decided to cut my losses with Gnome, and installed LXDE (Light X11 Desktop Environment).  I at least have a desktop now.

In the meantime, Iceweasel (Firefox) crashes with a segmentation fault.  I have tried deleting the .mozilla directory, which holds the profile, running it in safe mode, to disable plugins, and running an strace, to trace system calls and signals.  That did yield a log file for me, but it’s quite massive, over 15000 lines.

I used apt-cache depends iceweasel, to find any missing dependencies.  At least I have found a couple of commands to add to my toolkit.

Of course, google is my friend.  I’ll be searching for any help with that.

Also, Debian by default is apparently not for programmers.  I had to install gawk, gcc, and other stuff.  I’ll look for other missing programs as they occur to me.



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