Further Thoughts on Knoppix 6

I’ve played a bit more with Knoppix 6 and have the following thoughts on it:

1/ The menu is very (exceedingly) sparse.  There are no menu options for adding a printer or saving your home image.

2/ There is an option to run a command-line command from the menu.  That could come in handy.  Also if you type two or more letters, you will be presented with a scrollable list of possible commands.

3/ I searched for saveconfig and knoppix-mkimage.  The first command saves your configuration, the second a persistent home directory.  The second command seems to save more stuff.  Unfortunately, I don’t find either present at all in Knoppix 6.  I have posted a question on this on the Knoopix forum, and will be posting here when/if I get an answer to this problem.

4/ Knoppix 6 has dropped a LOT of packages, including Amarok, Evolution, k3b (for burning CDs), PHP, Postgresql, and MySQL, as well as games.

5/ In its favour, it does include current Firefox, Thunderbird and Open Office.  Firefox also include NoScript, which is a very important plugin.

Knoppix 6.0.1 is definitely the one to download.  I was unable to start LXDE on 6.0.  Also, I’m now using IsoBuster (a Windows program) to confirm the MD5 sum of the burned CD.  The free version is sufficient for my needs.

I’m disappointed in the inability to save my settings, as far as I can see, so far.  I’ll keep plugging away though, and try to find some answers.



5 Responses to “Further Thoughts on Knoppix 6”

  1. Lauren Says:

    This was my first linux expirience. I was rather impressed although (slightly) annoyed. However ease of use was much more so than expected.

    I spent awhile downloading knoppix 6.0 so i could rescue files from my windows hd after a blue screen. Only later to find k3b wasnt included in knoppix 6.0. There seems to be little documentation that it was dropped on knopper or even google.

    Yes, I could go out and buy a mountable drive, or network computers. But I will end up burning files to backups anyways later.

    Now Im busy downloading an older version, hopefully with k3b 🙂

    I think now I will switch 1 computer to a linux based OS to get more acquainted with it. I like its simplicity and am growing tired of the super bloat feel of windows as it progresses.

  2. brolin1911a1 Says:

    I’ve used Knoppix as a “rescue CD” for quite a few years, booting from the Knoppix CD and then using K3b to save files on the unbootable HD to CD or DVD. I recently had an HD crash (lost MBR) so I downloaded the newest version of Knoppix 6.01, burned it to CD, and booted from it on my crashed computer only to discover that there is no K3b. Nor is there any other CD burning software! That ability to rescue files and burn them to CD/DVD was the prime feature of Knoppix and now it’s been removed?!?

    • brownn Says:

      Unfortunately, I’ve found that Knoppix 6 is missing a lot of software. For me, the big show stopper was the apparent inability to save settings or my home directory. True, 6.0 is described as a beta release, but I did not expect it to be missing so much crucial software. Your best bet is to go with 5.3.1 DVD or 5.1.1 CD

  3. Steve Says:

    I also tried Knoppix 6.0.1 and was disappointed to not be able to find either knoppix-mkimage or saveconfig. This sort of silent omission is annoying enough to almost make me think Windows ain’t so bad.

    I’d appreciate it if you could email me if you learn of the whereabouts of these scripts/programs. Thanks!

  4. SteveZ Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have to say that I have been a fan and evangelist for YEARS! I am always showing it to people and insisting that it be in their network toolbox. Having said that I do not understand the omission and NO documentation or response to the loss of saveconfig and knoppix-mkimage. If you guys do not want to put it on the distro then let us download them. They were incredibly useful. EVERYONE is chattering about this and I have not seen any response. I think everyone would be fine with a response of… we dont have it working and we will let you know.,.. but obviously if so many people are chewing on this then there should be a response.

    Does anyone have working versions of these scripts that function with the new KNOPPIX? if so please post.

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