Knoppix 6

I just downloaded Knoppix 6 yesterday – at first I wasn’t sure if this was a late Christmas present for my self, or early birthday or next Christmas.

Unfortunately, I havent got it running yet – it defaults to ADRIANE, for the visually impaired, which is interesting, and obviously useful for those who need it, but of no use to me.

When I enter knoppix, plus cheats, I eventually get the following message:


I tried vga=normal and screen=1024×768, as well as setting vsync and hsync within the range set by Debian, but I haven’t gotten X-Windows up yet.  Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 drops me to command line, but I see nothing in /etc/X11/xorg.conf setting the frequencies.

In the meantime, I am searching the web for anything related to this, and if it’s my monitor in particular (an old Viewsonic A70f), or Knoppix 6 in general.

ADRIANE did start up, but I wouldn’t want to use it, as it’s meant for the visually impaired.

I’ll post as further developments happen.



2 Responses to “Knoppix 6”

  1. allal Says:

    I’m completly zero in *nix system, now is it possible to install knoppix 6 (from live cd) to hard disk , if “yes” how ? I NEED ANSWER PLEASE !! [allal71 at yahoo dot com].

  2. brownn Says:

    Knoppix is not really meant to be installed – It’s primary purpose is as a live CD, to give you a taste of Linux, or for very safe browsing – your hard drive is read-only by default, and if it’s NTFS, as for Windows 2000, XP, and up, then it should be left read-only. An install will wipe your hard drive of its previous content.
    You can also see how compatible your PC is with Linux by running a live CD linux.

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