Debian Time

After reading up more on Ubuntu/Xubuntu requirements, I’ve decided to go with Debian, as Ubuntu requires 256M to run , whereas 64M minimum is OK for a Debian desktop install. My machine has 224M ram, and I was finding Ubuntu wonky after a bit.

After cleaning my machine and the CD-ROM, Debian installed smoothly. Unfortunately, Debian doesn’t supply the flash plug-in I used in Ubuntu in it’s depositories, so I will have to look around.

Oddly enough, the GNU C compiler was not included by default, so I installed it after. I will be checking if anything else was not installed that I would think should be. I’ll also be comparing Debian and Ubuntu.

In the meantime I downloaded and compiled Busybox, It’s billed as ‘the Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux’. It combines small versions of a lot of Linux utilities in a single executable. When you’re compiling it, you can specify which utilities to bundle in it. I tried compiling it in Cygwin/Windows, but couldn’t. This will also give me a chance to play with chroot and some other things.


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