Linux to the Rescue! – part 2

I had to also retrieve my mother’s email (outlook express), to import into Windows Mail (Vista).

To detect a USB stick, plug it in first, and then boot Puppy Linux.  After that, just mount it.

I can’t say I’m thrilled with Vista.  File extensions still seem to be hidden by default, unless that was the store’s doing.  She got it at Best Buy.  I believe they set up her Windows Mail, and got it wrong.  She wouldn’t know how to set it up.  I still prefer the Linux approach, although you can get closer to it in Windows, by setting up an Administrator account and using it sparingly.  I did that after I re-installed Windows.

I also downloaded the latest version of Puppy Linux, one week old now, and will take it for a spin.  More on that later.


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