Is anyone else out there inundated by cutesy/inspirational/urgent warning spam from well-meaning relatives? Or perhaps, the question should be how many people haven’t received such rubbish?

Sometimes it seems that most of my email from family (usually older members) consist of tripe (a British term for intestines – apparently some Brits actually eat it – yeech!). I’ve read ‘true’ stories of Captain Kangaroo’s military service during WWII, inspirational stories from George Carlin, urgent warnings of the most dangerous virus ever!!!, and lord knows what else. Often the urgent(!!!) warnings are in a ridiculously large font, so that IF you wanted to read it, you could only see a small piece of the message at a time. I also often get the same dire warnings more than once, usually some months apart.

I’ve told people about, a rumor-busting site, even going there myself to convince them that these messages are baloney.

I’ve also listed the signs of a hoax – urgent warning, multiple exclamation marks, ‘most dangerous/ destructive ever), but to no avail. Unfortunately, some people simply don’t learn, or learn slowly, when it involves computers.

I’m not sure if others have had more success in teaching older relatives, but for the time being I’ll just be cleaning my inbox periodically.


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