Other Desktops

Another neat thing about Linux is the choice of desktops, or window managers.  I tried out KDE with Knoppix, Gnome with Ubuntu, Fluxbox and JWM with Damn Small Linux, and I just installed XFCE in Ubuntu.  It’s another minimal desktop, appropriate for machines with less memory.  You can change the background, although I still have to find out if I can change mouse behavior from double to single-click.

I used apt-cache search xfce | less to find the package name, and then apt-get install xfce4.

Then when you reboot, you can click on options on your login screen, and choose a different desktop, either one-time, or as a default.

Puppy and Damn Small, two small distros, have JWM as the desktop, Knoppix has KDE, Debian and Ubuntu have GNOME.

I may install Fluxbox or JWM, to test memory usage and performance.  I am a bit of distro junkie.


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One Response to “Other Desktops”

  1. Cristian Says:

    In my own personal opinio, the best is XFCE. It’s a really nice Desktop Enviroment, it’s fast and customizable. JWN is good, but I prefer XFCE. Of course, if you have a old (OLD, OLD) computer, JWM will be your best choice.


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