Holding off on Wine for now

The latest stable release for Wine is 1.0, which is included in Ubuntu Hardy Heron.  I will probably stay with 1.0 for now.

Another note – Rainlendar installed fine from the deb file, but would not run after.  I am staying with the manually installed form for now.  It could easily have been an error on my part.

The basic point was made yesterday – installing software from a deb file is as easy as Windows, and more standardized.


One Response to “Holding off on Wine for now”

  1. anonymousbloke Says:

    hey man,

    this is the guy behind linuxd.wordpress . I was on a kick ass vacation and didn’t check my email for quite a while, I put comments with moderation, I think you assumed there was some error with the connection and made three posts! Now I don’t know which one to put up! probably gonna put all three lol It’s great that you show such an interest! I put up the blog also with the intent to *meet* some other linux in a position similar to mine, so that’s great : -)

    And on the subject, if wine 1.0 is running the applications you need smoothly, than really there’s no need to upgrade and face the possibility off a regression, Now if you have some bugs, regressions are very rare so normally you don’t have anything to lose with the upgrade.

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