Another Challenge

This is something that someone new to computers may not want to tackle, but I should give it a try.  I should update one of my existing programs, going to the appropriate website and downloading the .deb.  Wine is currently 1.0 in the Ubuntu repository, and 1.1.2 on  That might be a good candidate.

I hadn’t downloaded and installed a .deb yet, so I felt that I should tackle this.  For the average Windows user migrating to Linux, this may be too much of a challenge.  A Windows user who installs their own software should be handle a .deb file.  The crunch test (jump in and swim) should tell.

I downloaded the .deb for Rainlendar, and it is opened in the Nautilus file browser by the gdebi Package Installer by default.  It looks different from a Windows install, but is just as easy.

All modern Linuxes have a package installer, any Debian-based distro, Red Hat, Slack, etc., and for each distro, the installation from a downloaded package is the same for any program – easy!


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