Going to MEPIS

(with apologies to the original song and songwriter – Going to Memphis)

As I have been strapped by expensive car repairs (age of the car), I have decided, instead of saving for a new LCD monitor, to stick with the old CRT, and switch to a Linux distro that would support it properly.  Consequently, I will be test-driving SimplyMEPIS.  It’s up to date with Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice, comes with a firewall, Guarddog, up and running, and is Debian based, like Ubuntu and Knoppix.  Since all the initial packages were on the CD, it installed in about half the time – about 45 minutes to an hour, as opposed to two hours for the Ubuntu lite.  Also, MEPIS needs 128M or more for installation, less than Ubuntu.  Both are good distros, and fairly user-friendly, and easy to install.  The major caveat, of course, is burning your CD at the lowest speed.  The first burn must have been bad, as I got a number of crashes while trying to run Synaptic.  For that reason, and to re-burn new releases, I tend to use CD-RWs.

I have still to explore the available packages for MEPIS, although it does come with some basics.  I will have to install Rainlendar and Treepad (see the page on migration).

After further testing, including the KDE launcher crashing, leaving no icons on the desktop, I have switched back to Ubuntu.  Everything just works, which is what I want.  In the meantime, my Windows PC has crashed badly, maybe with no chance of recovery.  As long as I have my Ubuntu CD, and backups of my settings/data, I’m fairly happy.


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