Hello, World (or Web!)

Hello to everyone out there!

This is going to be a journal of my experiences with linux (Ubuntu), various scripting languages, et al.

I have already had Ubuntu installed on my oldest PC (originally Windows 98, 256M ram, 40G hd, 1.6 GHz, Pentium 4.  It’s pretty low-ball by today’s standards, but runs Ubuntu pretty comfortably.  I have had Ubuntu Hardy Heron installed for about a month now, and it works fine, although I need a new LCD monitor.  I’m currently using an old Viewsonic CRT monitor.

Since I want to keep my Windows XP box (for the games!), and have limited desk space, I have one monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a KVM switch (keyboard-video-mouse), with both PCs connected to it.  This enables me to switch between Windows and Linux easily.

Previously, I used Knoppix, a live-cd distro often, and occasionally tried some other live distros.  This type of Linux distribution is run directly from the cd.  You simply boot up or reboot your machine with the cd-rom in the cd-rom drive (your BIOS must be configured to boot from CD first), and you havea real live Linux running.  Knoppix, Damn Small Linux (or DSL) and Puppy Linux also allow saving your configuration to a USB flash drive.  It was a good way of getting my feet wet in Linux, and making mistakes safely, as the hard drive was by default read-only.  It is possible to set the hard drive to writeable, but if it’s an NTFS partition, as is likely nowadays, I strongly recommend against it.

In following entries, I will probably discuss how to quickly copy your Firefox and Thunderbird settings from Windows to Linux, adding programs to start-up, programs I like, including some Windows stuff, and backing vital stuff up.  I don’t have a mirror drive, tape, or the resources (money!) for that, so I back up selected directories onto USB thumb drives, and store them in a safety deposit box at my bank – it works for me, although your situation may be different.

Bear with me, as this is my first blog, and I’m on a learning curve here.  I do hope that someone out there will find this useful.


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